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For Vehicles and Replacement Car Radio Head Units Installation Ancillary Equipment Clarion JVC Kenwood Pioneer Sony Android radios. Inkars Car Accessory: When fitting a replacement head unit use this equipment for easy installation.

4inst-3515-01 LOC/Amplifier ISO-ISO Extender/Joiner for Splicing for Radio/ Cars
DriveSaferDirect Part No.: 4inst-3515-01
Inkars Car Accessory: 4inst wiring/cables help fitting your equipment on installation day.

This item is:
This is an ISO to ISO Male/Female Power/Audio pair that can be used for Extending, Joining, Splicing. Use with splicing connectors to Tee into other cabling without cutting original wiring.
Or cut in half to make two pairs of ISO-JOIN Bare Wire sets to splice to a Head Unit, Amplifier or LOC.

Please contact us to check that the 4Fit Installation/Fitting Accessories you are considering are compatible with your vehicle and equipment.

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