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For Vehicles and Aftermarket Amplifier or Hands Free Car Kits Installation ISO Cable SOT Mute T-Harness Lead for compatible Parrot THB Bury etc ISO Handsfree kits or Amplifier with ISO connectors for install in Ford B-Max Ecosport Edge Explorer F150 Fiesta Focus Focus C-MAX Fusion Kuga Mondeo Ranger Transit Tourneo Connect Transit Connect

AMPLIFIER-INSTALL-2087-200 ISO SOT Breakout T-Harness for Ford F150,Fiesta
DriveSaferDirect Part No.: AMPLIFIER-INSTALL-2087-200
Inkars Car Accessory: Inkars SOT connecting lead for Aftermarket Amplifier or Hands Free Kit with ISO Connectors.
Compatible with vehicles stated on compatibility chart.

This is especially a very popular adaptor for anyone wanting to improve the sound system on an F150.
It is quite common for the basic sound systems to be improved by adding an Aftermarket Amplifier.
This SOT-type lead works well as a Breakout T-Harness to give access to the speaker wires without having to chop into the original looms.

(If your sound sytem has more than 4 speakers or has a separate Amplifier please check with us as you may need a different solution)

This product is for fitting an Aftermarket Amplifier or a Hands Free Kit.
If fitting a new Radio/Head Unit search our eBay store for 4-HEAD or SWC.

Vehicle Compatibility info for AMPLIFIER-INSTALL-2087-200

(please don't hesitate to contact us for further info)
Ford B-Max 2012- onwards
Ford Ecosport 2013- onwards
Ford Edge 2010- onwards Basic 6 speaker sound system.
Ford Explorer 2011- onwards Basic 8 speaker sound system.
Ford F150 2004- onwards
Ford Fiesta 6/2010- onwards With 24 pin connector.
Ford Focus 2011- onwards With 24 pin connector.
Ford Focus C-MAX 2010- onwards With 24 pin connector.
Ford Fusion US Model 2013- onwards
Ford Kuga 2013- onwards With 24 pin connector.
Ford Mondeo 11/2014- onwards
Ford Ranger T6 Sold in EU / AU 2012- onwards All.
Ford Transit Tourneo Connect 2014- onwards Second generation.
Ford Transit 2014- onwards Sixth generation.
Ford Transit Connect 2014- onwards Second generation.
Ford Transit Custom 2013- onwards.
- total vehicle model variations found: 16

Our SOT leads are designed to connect any hands free car-kit or Aftermarket Amplifier which has 8-pin power and audio ISO connectors to the vehicle models/specs indicated in our compatibility charts.

If your equipment does not have ISO connectors we have other lead and adaptor solutions - please contact us.

Some vehicles, especially those with advanced soundsystems or with navigation, may require extension leads to reach to units located under seats or in boot.
Please contact us to verify what is needed for your vehicle.

If you need a SOT lead to connect an Aftermarket Amplifier it is best to provide a new, separate power supply to it, rather than taking power from the original radio/dashboard power bus.
See our listings for kits of AMPLIFIER-INSTALL SOT leads that include bundled options such as heavy-rated amplifier power wiring, RCA/LOCs, wiring accessories and radio removal keys.

If you are installing a hands free kit search in our eBay Store for our listings which are dedicated to those instead.

The main part in this item is also included in many of our Kits of bundled sets of parts - here are some examples:
AMPLIFIER-INSTALL-2087-Aa SOT Breakout ISO T-Harness,Crimp for Ford F150,Fiesta
AMPLIFIER-INSTALL-2087-Ab SOT Breakout,Crimp,ISO T-JOIN for Ford F150,Fiesta
AMPLIFIER-INSTALL-SOT-984-Ba Breakout T-Harness SOT,Crimp for Ford F150,Fiesta
AMPLIFIER-INSTALL-SOT-984-Bb Breakout SOT,Crimp,ISO,T-JOIN for Ford F150,Fiesta

The above kits, and many more, are available to save you time and money buying components separately.
Simply click on the links on the pictures above.
We have lots of other 4Fit parts, SWC Adaptors, 4-Head Radio Connection Leads, SOT Kits and Full Installation Kits available to help you with your install.

This kit also includes:
-Original Head Unit Matching Connectors
-this Aftermarket Amplifier or Hands Free kit Connection Lead includes a connector to fit onto the vehicle loom connector when it has been unplugged from the original radio/head unit. See the information on this page to check vehicle model and sound system compatibility
-Ignition-Switched Live Connection
-an ignition-switched live power supply is provided through the vehicle connector and the ISO connector with this lead, so no manual power supply wiring will be needed except when installing an Aftermarket Amplifier it is best to provide a new, separate power supply to it, rather than taking power from the original radio/dashboard power bus
-Fully-Supported Data Ports
-any existing original vehicle OEM Data Port functions are supported by this lead

This product is a great value, high-quality solution for vehicles listed on the compatibility chart below
...but please also check-out our Premium range of Ready2Fit EASY INSTALL solutions.

The Inkars EASY INSTALL Ready2Fit products and kits have been specially formulated to
provide you with less work and hassle when you come to install your kit.
(for Handsfree Kit)
Ready2Fit Data-Connected version available
(on-board Data Connectivity supports the vehicle's data system for original functionality such as Steering Wheel Controls or MP3/iPod audio ports)
That is this item

Click on the above links or contact us to find out whether there is a Ready2Fit EASY INSTALL solution available for you
When installing an Aftermarket Amplifier it is best to use the Amp Remote wire from the head unit to trigger the amp if possible. It is best to wire permanent power from a main feed to ensure sufficient current handling for Amplifier. Please note that Automatic Ignition-Generators are not usually helpful if installing an Aftermarket Amplifier
This item will be shipped from UK, buyer is responsible for any local taxes and import duties.