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For Vehicles and Hands Free Car Kits Installation ISO Cable SOT Mute T-Harness Lead for compatible Parrot Nokia THB Bury Motorola iO Play Novero ISO Handsfree kits for install in BMW 3-series E30 E36 E46 5-series E34 E39 7-series E32 E38 8-series E31 X5 E53 Z3 Mini Cooper

SOT-0440-02 Adaptor for Parrot CK3100 ,CK3000/BMW 5-Series E39 96-00
DriveSaferDirect Part No.: SOT-0440-02
Check radio connectors can have either flat or round pin connectors
Inkars Car Accessory: Inkars SOT connecting lead for Hands Free Kit with ISO Connectors.
Compatible with vehicles stated and: Parrot CK3100

(If your sound sytem has more than 4 speakers or has a separate Amplifier please check with us as you may need a different solution)

This product is for fitting a Hands Free Kit.
If fitting a new Radio/Head Unit search our eBay store for 4-HEAD or SWC.

Vehicle Compatibility info for SOT-0440-02

(please don't hesitate to contact us for further info)
BMW 5-series E34 1988-1996 All.
BMW 5-series E39 1996-8/2000 Without Sat Nav or On-board monitor.
BMW 5-series E39 1996-8/2000 Satellite navigation or On-board monitor. Sedan: Install in left side of boot. Touring: Install under boot floor.
BMW 7-series E32 1977-1995 All.
BMW 7-series E38 1995-8/2000 Basic radio units.
BMW 7-series E38 1995-8/2000 Sat Nav or On-board monitor.
BMW 8-series E31 1989-1999 All.
- total vehicle model variations found: 18

Our SOT leads are designed to connect any handsfree car-kit which has 8-pin power and audio ISO connectors (such as Parrot kits, iO kits, THB Bury, Motorola TK30 or many modern Nokia kits) to the vehicle models/specs indicated in our compatibility charts.

If your kit does not have ISO connectors we have other lead, adaptor and Telemute solutions - please contact us.

If you want to use a SOT lead to connect an Aftermarket Amplifier then search for our listings for AMPLIFIER-INSTALL SOT leads and kits that include bundled options such as heavy-rated amplifier power wiring, RCA/LOCs, wiring accessories and radio removal keys.

With kits that also play music (MUSICKIT) you may also need a different solution, such as to output to rear speakers or to handle an amplified sound system, or there may be a much better quality solution that will use an AUX CABLE. Please contact us if you have a MUSICKIT.

Some vehicles, especially those with advanced soundsystems or with navigation, may require extension leads to reach to units located under seats or in boot.
Please contact us to verify what is needed for your vehicle.

Any existing original vehicle OEM Data Port functions are supported by this lead.

This lead includes an ignition-switched live power supply through the connectors.

4Fit Installation/Fitting Accessories, e.g.: Radio Keys, Tools, Automatic Ignition Generators are available in eBay Shop Category:
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(plus we also have stuff there if you ever need to replace a radio/head unit, such as: Facias, Antenna Adaptors, Patch Leads)

We have Full Installation Kits, which include SOT Leads and 4Fit Accessories bundles (including Automatic Ignition Generators and Radio Removal Keys/Tools), in our eBay Shop Categories, for example:
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We have SWC Adaptors for Steering Wheel Control of a replacement Head Unit, in our eBay Shop Category:
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We have 4Head Connector Leads for replacement Head Unit, in our eBay Shop Category:
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All ISO SOT Connection Leads in the INKARS range of Hands Free Kit Connection Accessories have the following advanced features:
-Power Supply
-the Permanent Live Power Supply for the new head unit is supplied through the vehicle and ISO Connectors, so there is no need to supply a separate permanent power feed. Note: manufacturers of some Hands Free kits (especially musickits and tablet kits) may recommend an increased permanent power supply and ignition-switched lives or Ignition Generators do need to be provided on many cars
-ISO Connector
-an ISO standard connector is provided for connecting to the handsfree kit
-Comprehensive Instructions
-comprehensive instructions are included to help you connect and install the equipment in the vehicle

This kit also includes:
-Original Head Unit Matching Connectors
-this Hands Free kit Connection Lead includes a connector to fit onto the vehicle loom connector when it has been unplugged from the original radio/head unit. See the information on this page to check vehicle model and sound system compatibility
-Ignition-Switched Live Connection
-an ignition-switched live power supply is provided through the vehicle connector and the ISO connector with this lead, so no manual power supply wiring will be needed
-Fully-Supported Data Ports
-any existing original vehicle OEM Data Port functions are supported by this lead

We also have a range of INTELLI-SOT leads which include an advanced Automatic Ignition-Generating device which is designed for use with vehicles on which access to an ignition-switched live power supply is not supported through the vehicle connector. These are helpful when installing hands free kits but not usually needed if installing an Aftermarket Amplifier

Most cars made in the last 10 years have CAN-BUS or similar electrical systems and do not support an ignition-switched live
via the radio connector or have intelligent computerised cigar-lighter sockets that automatically power-down if not in use.
Auto Stop/Start cars can also be difficult to find an ignition source. If your kit does not power-up then one of the above will probably be the cause.
Please check the information on this page carefully to see whether you will need to manually wire-in an ignition-switched live
or order one of our INTELLI Automatic Ignition Generators.
This item will be shipped from UK, buyer is responsible for any local taxes and import duties.