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For Vehicles and Replacement Car Radio Head Units compatible harness adaptor cable lead for ISO Clarion JVC Kenwood Pioneer Sony Android radios for install in Honda Accord City Civic CR-V Element FIT FR-V HR-V Insight Integra Jazz Legend Logo MDX MR-V NSX Odyssey Pilot Prelude Ridgeline Shuttle Stream S2000

4-Head-2840-81 Radio-SOT Cable for Sony ISO Head Unit/Honda Civic 99-06
DriveSaferDirect Part No.: 4-Head-2840-81
Inkars Car Accessory: Inkars 4Head connecting lead for Replacement Car Radio Head Unit. Compatible with vehicles stated and: Sony with ISO connectors

(If your Aftermarket replacement head unit does not have ISO connectors please contact us for another adaptor.
If your car has an amplified sound system or Satellite Navigation you may need a different solution)

This product is for fitting a replacement Aftermarket Radio/Head Unit.
Steering Wheel Control versions are also available.

It is NOT suitable for fitting an OEM Radio from the same vehicle make or from a different vehicle make.
If fitting a Hands Free Kit search our eBay store for ISO-SOT or MUSIC-SOT or TELEMUTE.

Vehicle Compatibility info for 4-Head-2840-81

(please don't hesitate to contact us for further info)
Honda Accord 1998-2/2001 All except Bose.
Honda Accord 3/2001-2008 All except Premium sound system.
Honda City 2002-2008 All.
Honda Civic 1995-2005
Honda Civic 2003-2006 vehicles with automatic Air Con.
Honda Civic (US & CA models) 2006-2008 DX.
Honda Civic sedan (US & CA models) 2008-2012 DX and LX (160 Watt sound system).
Honda CR-V 1997-2006 All.
Honda Element 2003- onwards LX.
Honda FIT 2001-2008
Honda FIT Aria 2002-2008 All.
Honda FR-V 2004-2007
Honda HR-V 1999-2006
Honda Insight 2000-2006
Honda Integra 1999-2001 All.
Honda Integra 2002-2006
Honda Jazz 2001-2008
Honda Legend 1996-2007 All except Bose.
Honda Legend 2007- onwards All except Bose.
Honda Logo 1996-2001
Honda MDX 2001-2002 Without BOSE.
Honda MR-V 2003-2008 LX.
Honda MR-V 2003-2008 EX and EX-L (not muting subwoofer).
Honda NSX 2003-2006
Honda Odyssey 1995-2004
Honda Odyssey 2005-2008 All except Touring.
Honda Pilot 2003-2008 LX.
Honda Pilot 2003-2008 EX and EX-L (not muting subwoofer).
Honda Prelude 1997-2001
Honda Ridgeline 2006-2009 RT and RTX.
Honda Ridgeline 2006-2009 RTS, RTL and EX-L (Not muting subwoofer).
Honda Shuttle 1995-1998
Honda Stream 2001- onwards
Honda S2000 2000- onwards
- total vehicle model variations found: 34

The superb 4Head range of Radio/Head Unit Replacement Accessories has been chosen by Inkars because of the excellent design features and quality construction.

Today there is a vast range of incredible Replacement Head Units available but connecting them to a particular model of car and type of sound system can be very difficult! So those nice people at Inkars have come up with the 4Head family of accessories to help you mount and use a wide range of Replacement Radio/Head Units in your car.

If instead you plan to install a handsfree kit or handsfree/musickit you will need a different type of lead for those to work alongside the original radio/head unit. Take a look at our listings for SOT leads and MUSIC-SOTs or contact us for advice.

With all of these products we include comprehensive instructions and pride ourselves on maintaining our legendary repuation for offering sound pre-sales technical advice and helpful post-sales technical support.

If your vehicle has been designed to output notification audio through the speakers, instead of through separate sounders, you will need to contact us for an alternative solution. For example, if you have Parking Sensors that bleep via the sound system's speakers that audible notification will be disconnected by any standard lead.

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We have 4Head Connector Leads for replacement Head Unit, in our eBay Shop Category:
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4Fit-9502-01 Universal Patch Lead for SWC Adaptor to Compatible Radio/Head Unit
...contained in this kit is:
To connect the main SWC Adaptor a Patch Lead is required to connect to the SWC Input port on a compatible replacement head unit. This semi-universal Patch Lead has a 30cm long cable.
Patch Lead for Alpine, Beat, Clarion, JVC (except KW-AVX), Kenwood, LG, Nakamichi, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Sony, Zenec. Not for Becker, Blaupunkt, JVC KW-AVX models, Parrot or older Kenwood or Chinese unbranded units which need alternative adaptor.
To see eBay listing for item: Click Here

The main part in this item is also included in many of our Kits of bundled sets of parts - here are some examples,
including standard 4Head radio connecting lead kits and SWC Steering Wheel/Stalk Control radio connecting lead kits:
SWC-2850-a Steering Control/Silver Facia Kit for ISO Radio/Honda Civic 03-05
SWC-7491-a Steering Wheel Control/Fascia Kit for ISO Radio/Suzuki Swift 05-10
SWC-7492-a Steering Control/Antenna Kit for ISO Radio/Suzuki Swift FZ/NZ 11-
SWC-7492-b Steering wheel Control/Aerial Kit for ISO Radio/Suzuki Vitara 15-
SWC-2850-aJ Stalk Control/Silver Facia,ISO-JOIN Kit for Xtrons/Honda Civic 03-05
SWC-7491-aJ Stalk,Fascia,ISO-JOIN Kit for Chinese Radio/Suzuki Swift 05-10
SWC-7492-aJ Steering control,ant,ISO-JOIN Kit for Chinese Radio/Suzuki Swift 11-
SWC-7492-bJ Steering Control, antenna ,ISO-JOIN Kit for Pumpkin Radio/Vitara 15-
SWC-2850-aL Stalk Control/Silver Facia,LEARNING Kit for Xtrons/Honda Civic 03-05
SWC-7491-aL Stalk,Fascia,LEARNING Kit for Chinese Radio/Suzuki Swift 05-10
SWC-7492-aL Steering control,ant,LEARNING Kit for Chinese Radio/Suzuki Swift 11-
SWC-7492-bL Steering Control, antenna ,LEARNING Kit for Pumpkin Radio/Vitara 15-
4-Head-2840-a Facia/brackets and Connector Kit for ISO Radio/Suzuki Swift 05-10

The above kits, and many more, are available to save you time and money buying components separately.
Simply click on the links on the pictures above.
We have lots of other 4Fit parts, SWC Adaptors, 4-Head Radio Connection Leads, SOT Kits and Full Installation Kits available to help you with your install.

This Product also includes:
-High-Quality Design and Robust Construction
-top quality plastics are used for the connector receptacles on all leads and in all connectors the metal pins and sockets are precision-engineered for finest mechanical and electrical performance
-Top-Quality Electronics
-all electronic circuits and modules have been developed and produced to the highest standards
-Original Head Unit Matching Connector
-this Audio Connection Lead includes a connector to fit onto the vehicle loom connector when it has been unplugged from the original radio/head unit. See the information on this page to check vehicle model and sound system compatibility
-Power Supply
-the Permanent Live Power Supply for the new head unit is supplied through the vehicle and ISO Connectors, so there is no need to supply a separate permanent power feed. Note: manufacturers of some large head units may recommend an increased permanent power supply and ignition-switched lives do need to be provided on many cars
-ISO Connector
-an ISO standard connector is provided for connecting to the new head unit. If your new head unit does not have a standard ISO Connector please contact us for advice
-Comprehensive Instructions
-comprehensive instructions are included to help you connect and install the equipment in the vehicle

-Ignition-Switched Live Connection
-an ignition-switched live power supply is provided through the vehicle connector and the ISO connector with this lead, so no manual power supply wiring will be needed

This item will be shipped from UK, buyer is responsible for any local taxes and import duties.